Gas Prices have went up since Barack Hussein Obama took office?

If you do not really have a memory that goes past 4 years or if you are just maybe not out of elementary school yet I can maybe understand you not remembering that gas prices were ABOVE what they are today back when George Bush was president. The conservatives and tea party bloggers have been posting how high the gas prices have been since Barack Hussein Obama took office. And you know they always have to say Hussein as part of the name because it makes him sound Muslim but then again so does misspelling Obama into Osama. I am sure they would not want us to remember that President Obama helped take out our #1 enemy Osama Bin Laden either. Well just in case your memory really is that bad yes look it up on GasBuddy and other sites the historical prices of retail gas. You will find that they are NOT higher than they were over four years ago.

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