Fox News not sure of where Southern Viewers appear on the map

In a story breaking on their official blog the Fox Insider they had a story listed “Breaking: University of Texas in Austin Orders Evacuation Due to Threats on Campus.” The article showed that Fox News can’t even get the states labeled correctly. If they can’t get basic geography down, do you expect me to believe their presentation of other news? Take a look at their map. Arkansas is labeled as Missouri, and Mississippi/Alabama are labeled wrong.

We all know that Fox News anchors or writers seem to have no journalism education but now we know they are lacking of an elementary school geography lesson. These people do not have journalism degrees they are either writers for their sites or actors on TV. “Fox News. When you want actors to tell you what you wanna hear. We Act. You Absorb.” Disclaimer: If you want real journalism watch the Daily Show. How can they argue about climate change if they can’t even tell us what U.S. states are where?

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