Is Fox News Corp after Jim Cramer?

Watch out Jim Cramer you have a monster after you that the good hearted democrats have been hiding from for years. Fox News who is trying to put more business in their news since they plan to start a cable business news channel is watching everyone on CNBC like a hawk. Fox News Channel has been airing the story on Jim Cramer all day as the top news story and their New York Post article was the only article I found in Yahoo or Google news when I searched earlier today.

Fox News also hates the fact that Jim Cramer is a Moderate and not a flaming retarted Republican. Of course News Corp (which I own stock because of MySpace – full disclosure) is jealous of a top rated show on CNBC like Jim Cramer’s. I would rather loose my money with News Corp going bankrupt than see them take down CNBC, Yahoo, or Google. I think the shows on CNBC are fair minded most of the time with an exception of the way they handled Hillary Clinton after the stock shakedown in February.

Jim Cramer is a great guy and works damn hard for his money. I subscribe to his action alerts plus which is around $400 or so a year and he has definitely made me some money. If he admitted something he shouldn’t have then that was in the past and we can certainly forgive him for that. He claimed it was legal and knowing Cramer he was just trying to get it out there so things can be changed. It may be wrong but what about the lies that Fox News gives us on a daily basis – why don’t we prosecute them for those lies and misleading information.

Click here to view the video discussed, which aired Dec. 22, 2006, on TV.  Also, view Jim Cramer’s response to the accusations.

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