Faith Based Rehab

I just noticed on CNN that these news anchors were endlessly commenting on Lindsey Lohan’s wreck and possible DUI.  I am not sure why everyone is so infatuated with Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and Paris Hilton.  It is not just infatuation but its a media driving them to act the way they do.  The paparazzi following them around like they are our pets.  Of course, most people are just wanting to see them fall just like the same audience that watches the hockey games to watch fights or doom for someone else’s life.

Lindsey Lohan’s dad and other people are calling for her to go to a faith based rehab.  Nothing could be more silly than that.  I mean all of our tax money is already going to these faith based programs that really do nothing but try to convert people to join their lifestyles or cults.

The media is also commenting of how we should keep more eyes on the clubs in Hollywood.  Most of the clubs there are 18 to enter but the underage drinkers are sneaking in drinks or are drinking before hand.  This is not the clubs fault.  It should be 18 to drink anyway.  It is silly we make it 21 to drink and you can let 16 year olds behind the wheel of a hummer while dvd’s are playing.

Maybe all of this celebrity drinking and driving has something to do with the release of the Amy Winehouse’s song about going to rehab.

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