Ex-Clinton Supporters turning to Palin are Dooming America

I used to love politics but this election just makes me sad. So many lies especially from the republicans who just make the truth an illusion of their own. I have not donated to the Obama campaign because I wanted Hillary but I will vote for him this fall. McCain is a hero of this nation but he has turned into a monster from what I have seen with Palin and their talking points stretching the truth. IMO, Palin is the scariest threat to America since Osama Bin Laden. She has already taken advantage of her power in Alaska and who knows what else she will do. She seems like an extreme evangelical.

Hillary did a great interview on GMA. I am sure Obama will be smart enough to put Hillary somewhere as a cabinet member and he would ask for Bill/Hills advice before making any decisions. =)

I also just love Joe Biden. I watched every single debate early in this process including the republican debates. I loved watching Biden and Clinton in the Dem debates. I would rather have a Hillary/Biden ticket but I guess I will take what I can get in this election. I guess it does not matter anyway because if its anything like the one with Gore/Bush and Kerry/Bush then its all going to be given to the R side anyway out of … fraudulent voting machines and votes that do not count. lol.

Four more years of this Karl Rove mentality is just not good. And they may not be Bush directly but they are Karl Rove all over again.  And when I see headlines like this “Palin’s advisers are veterans of Bush White House, campaign”  I mean come on are American voters going to be so dumb as to vote for Bush and Karl Rove another 4 or 8 years.
This is what I sent to someone who is an ex-Hillary supporter online:

Have you been seeing all the lies that the Palin-McCain campaign has put out? I know you were a Hillary supporter like me but how could you vote for someone who lies, lies, and bullies. Its a vote more years of cronyism we have dealt with the Bush years. I know I cant change your mind it seems made up but think about it. I do not want higher taxes I make well over 200k but I am not voting for the Karl Rove camp. I know Hillary would not want that either.

Ex-Hillary (Now McCain/Palin Supporter) Reply:

I have declared my independence from both political parties. Ideologically, I consider myself left of the middle, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for the Democratic candidate. I know that Mr. Obama is a very inspiring individual and he deserves to be commended for that, but I’m looking for more than platitudes in a presidential candidate. John McCain has a proven track record of reaching across the aisle and getting significant, bipartisan legislation passed (i.e. BCRA). He’s gone against his own party and has always put his country before politics, and I admire that about him. He stood up for the surge in Iraq even when it wasn’t popular and to his credit, the surge has worked. I don’t agree with war, but I agree with McCain when he says that he wants to bring the troops home with valor and honor. Our troops know they have a mission to accomplish, whether you agree or disagree with that mission is another subject, and I know that our men and women in uniform want victory. I do agree with Mr. Obama and believe that we need a new strategy in Iraq and we need to focus more of our attention on Afghanistan. When it comes to national security though, I trust McCain more as commander in chief since he has served his country proudly in the military and has more experience in that department. This argument that the Democrats keep making about how McCain is a third Bush term is not going to work. Poll after poll shows that a majority of Americans, Republicans and Democrats and independents alike, do not believe that McCain and Bush are alike. As for your argument about cronyism, both parties are corrupt. It’s not just the Republicans, but Democrats have their black sheep as well (the Mayor of Detroit, that congressman from Louisiana who got caught with money in his freezer or something, John Edwards). They both have their bad apples.

Furthermore, I am just hesitant about having Obama as our president. My candidate, Hillary, made the case during the primaries that Obama is not experienced or ready to be president. She proved during the course of her campaign why she was ready, and although she has fully come out in support of Obama, she has yet to say that he is ready and experienced. If she hasn’t said it by now, she’s either not going to say it or if she does say it, we know that she won’t mean it. There is just too much on the line during this election, and although ideologically I disagree on most of McCain’s politics, I think he has the experience, insight, and wisdom to be a better leader and president. As his wonderful running mate Gov. Sarah Palin said in her vice presidential acceptance speech, “Some candidates use change to promote their careers, but other candidates use their careers to promote change.” (Or something like that). Instead of demonizing each other because we belong to a different party or have a different ideology, as Americans we need to come together and reach common ground on every issue from health care and education to the economy and taxes. The American people demand and deserve a government that works for them, not against them. In my opinion, John McCain will be the kind of president who we can depend on, in good times and in bad times.

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