Good Bush, Evil Cheney

President Bush showed up at a Democratic congressional retreat over the weekend and even cracked some jokes about how he was accused of occasionally mangling the English language from when he said the Democrat majority in his State of the Union in January.  He then joked around thanking everyone about inviting the head of the Republic Party.  That is one thing I love about Bush is he is a funny man that is for sure.

Yes, Bush learned long ago how to kiss the right butts.  That the current ones are Democratic may end up being very good for both the country and Bush.  I wouldn’t trust Bush any further than I could throw him.

It makes me like President Bush (a little) and dislike Cheney even more.  I hate the fact that Bush is so fake but it’s so entertaining to watch.  I cannot be disgusted with anymore more than Cheney.  His daughter is an insult to Lesbians (why cant she be more like Ellen) and Cheney is an insult to America.  The Daily show put together parts of Cheney’s interview with Wolf Blitzer and it just makes me sick that Cheney couldn’t even answer any of the questions asked or gave Wolf a evil look.  I hope nothing happens to Bush and we have some threat of him taking office.  Cheney needs to play the bad guy in movies he would do a great job — he is so bitter and mean.  I know he can’t run a company because he’s nobody anyone in the right mind would want to work for.  You think Google would hire that thing we have in office? My wish is to send mean, grumpy Cheney over to Iraq and have him on the front line.  I think Iraq would flee to another country with the thought of an unmasked Darth Vader coming after them.

Cheney is just a throwback.   I think he believes in the divine right of kings with only the modern spin on titles.  Cheney is Darth Vader he is certainly not cut out for democracy.

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