Please Don’t Stop The Music: XM Sirius Merger

The hit song from from Rihanna “Please Don’t Stop The Music,” could not have came at a better time.
The FCC is supposed to vote on the XM Sirius Merger soon and there is absolutely no reason this should be stopped. It is true they are competitors but the competition they face is much more worrisome and they need a combined company to survive. Look at the stock prices and you can get a bitter taste of what I am talking about.

I recommend everyone write or call their reps to help get this merger through. I wrote a letter through the Yahoo version of which can send a email or written letter just by a few clicks of the mouse. The letter was regarding this merger to Sen. Byron Dorgan, a high-ranking member of the Senate Commerce Committee, who wrote to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission saying the agency should not follow the “illogical” decision of the Justice Department.

I am a registered democrat and small business owner in North Texas. I am proud to be a democrat but when it comes to mergers and taxes for some reason you just do not get it.

I used to work in radio for Clear Channel and made horrible wages there. They are the monopoly of radio and they want this merger stopped just like you do. I noticed Jim Cramer pointing out both democrats and republicans that are being lobbied to stop this merger. It is sad that such a great merger cannot go through. This merger is taking longer than Exxon and Mobil. That is ridiculous.

I have to pay both Sirius and XM radio and pay for two separate devices because I have channels on both that I enjoy listening to. Besides my personal problem with these companies not being together there is one major problem… reduced competition. They have the possibility of going bankrupt and making way for Clear Channel Radio and CBS Radio to take over.

You need to get in touch with what the people want. Your voters. American’s who believe in free business. The people want the XM Sirius Merger. Please do not let us down.

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