Don’t Fly US Airways

Talk about a mean, unconsumer friendly airline.  US Airways will go bankrupt soon we can only hope because they are the meanest airline there is in the skys right now.  We hope they learn a lesson… Do not make the consumers who pay you mad.

This week they announced that they will be taking away in-flight movies on domestic flights.  They claim that it will save them in fuel costs because the video systems supposedly add 500 pounds to a plane’s weight.  This is when it gets ridiculious.  Are they going to take the water off the plane next so the guests can sit there thirsty too?  Make everyone get NAKED so they can take another 500 pounds off the plane?

US Airways is a huge dissapointment to everyone.  They barely advertise and spend any money nor do any good for society.  If you have to pay more to fly to another airline then do so… Do not give US Airways any of your money.

My sister had a run in with US Airways who was flying to Oklahoma City to Los Angeles just before a trip to Europe.  The flight was non-stop and they changed the flight to stop in another city almost making her miss her flight on another airline to London.  So now she has to stop in another city changed from her original non-stop flight just so US Airways can save a few dollars.

US Airways and United I have a message for you.. Fuel costs are NOT going down.  They will not go down until we get natural gas out in cars more among other imported fuel alternatives.  Wake up and run your business better or you will soon fall.

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