Did Ted Cruz Call Obama An N-Word In Secret Audio Recording?

tedcruz-kisses-daughterAccording to The Stately Harold reporter at a fundraiser in San Antonio a not so friendly exchange took place where Ted Cruz made racist remarks about President Obama.

In the interim between interviews with politicians, Gaines mingled but left his tape recorder on. This afternoon, when he was going through the tape, he made a startling discovery. About 15 minutes 40 seconds into the recording, the recorder picked up a snippet of a conversation between none other than the Texas senator himself, Ted Cruz and another man. In the recording, Ted Cruz appears to be quietly telling a joke of which we can only hear the end, but what he says is astounding nontheless. This is what it sounds like Cruz is saying “…That’s what I said, but hey, times have changed, we’ve got a nigger in the Whitehouse” and then he chuckles. “I walked past senator Ted Cruz several times this morning but I didn’t hear the joke first hand, it was only when I reviewed it that I covered all this” Says our reporter Hugh Myrone Gaines.

While we are disgusted with where Ted Cruz stands on issues and how he cheats elections against opponents in states such as Iowa this may not be a valid recording as some are pointing to this being a satire site. We would not put it past Ted Cruz though as he is one slimy politician.

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