Dallas Collin County Voter Guide

I just voted in the Collin County area of Dallas, TX. I searched the web and found a few voter guides but the one on the Collin county site and the Dallas Morning News helped out some for the local issues. When you go to vote you will notice a lot of the Judges are already assigned seats who are Republican – but I did notice fewer of these this election. I hope there will be a day that every party has someone run against them. These people should not be able to hold on to their seats without some kind of competition.  Here are the issues I voted on November 7, 2006:

City of Dallas Bond Election
Voted Yes (for) to:

  • The Issuance of general obligation bonds for street and transportation improvements
  • The issuance of bonds for flood protection and storm drainage facilities
  • The issuance of bonds for park and recreation facilities
  • The issuance of bonds for library facilities
  • The issuance of bonds for cultural arts facilities
  • The issuance of bonds for city hall, city service, and city maintenance facilities
  • The issuance of bonds for farmers market improvement
  • The issuance of bonds for court facilities

Voted No (against) to:

  • The issuance of general obligation bonds for land acquisition under the land bank program development for low and moderate income family homes
  • The issuance of bonds for acquisition of land in the Cadillac Heights area for future location of city facilities
  • $41,495,000 bonds to promote economic development in the southern area of Dallas and in other areas of the city in connection with transit oriented development

Never Vote Straight Ticket – I think you should never vote straight party because there are many judges and other politicians who may not be listed who are not in the party you voted for but are the only people running against the party you do not want to win.

United States Senator

DEM – Barbara Ann Randofsky
REP – Kay Bailey Hutchison

US Representative District 3

DEM – Dan Dodd
REP – San Johnson


IND – Carole Keeton Strayhorn (Grandma)
DEM – Chris Bell   IND – Richard Kinky Friedman  REP – Rick Perry

Lt. Governor

DEM – Maria Luisa Alvarado
REP – David Dewhurst  LIB – Judy Baker

Attorney General

DEM – David Van OS
REP – Greg Abbot

Comptroller of Public Accounts

DEM – Fred Head
REP – Susan Combs

Commissioner of the General Land Office

REP – Jerry Patterson 

DEM – Valinda Hathcox 

Commissioner of Agriculture

REP – Todd Staples

DEM – Hank Gilbert

Railroad Commissioner

DEM – Dale Henry
REP – Elizabeth Ames Jones

Chief Justice, Supreme Court- Unexpired Term

REP – Wallace Jefferson

DEM – Tom Oxford

I noticed that the rest of the Judges were Libertarians running against republicans so make sure you vote for the Libertarians instead of the republicans to help rid of republican control. They abbreviate on the ballots so some may even confuse LIB with Liberals. I hope everyone gets out to vote this midterm election and helps take back the government here in Texas. If not this election there is hope for the next election. Stay tuned for the Dallas, Texas voter updates.

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