Dallas City-Owned Hotel

There is a fierce fight going on in the City of Dallas over a hotel.  This issue is very misleading though because most of the snail main brochures I have gotten on the issue are for the Vote Yes and they all claim its like some socialist type hotel.  The truth is that it will not be ran by the City of Dallas but by a private organization.  Omni Hotels, known for a hotel chain across the country will run the convention center hotel.
The group against the hotel makes the claim that the Mayor Tom Leppert is arrogant and that Dallas does not need a hotel connected to the convention center.  Well as someone that goes to conventions all the time I can assure you that YES we do need one connected if we intend on getting bigger conventions.

This is the time to build one because in a bad economy prices are cheaper to build new things and plan for the future. Also, in a bad economy companies will look to cities such as Dallas to have their conventions instead of Vegas.

Will this increase taxes to build this hotel? The claim on Leppert’s part is no it will help keep taxes down to draw in more revenue.  That is hard to predict though.  I am on the side of less government and less spending unless its needed.  I do think the better way to have this project done is to have the entire thing privately done.  Possibly get Omni hotels or Starwood hotels to invest in the project completely. If a hotel will not invest in the project completely then we can take on the project ourselves.

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