Could LiveScience Be Propaganda?

I was reading article after article on the LiveScience site and noticed several “myth” related stories.  It just seemed that every story was geared from a Republican perspective.  I am not even so sure than most of these stories have their facts straight.

One article that opened my eyes to this was the story about author Kevin Trudeau who wrote “More Natural Cures Revealed.”  They Live Science site claimed in quoting Trudeau’s book that “The sun doesn’t cause cancer.  This is often tied to the claim that microwaves and radio towers do cause cancer. “  My problem with this is that they are putting words in his mouth it seems and they may be taking things out of context.  This sounds like an energy company defending itself.

The article also calls his book mostly fiction which is fine but why is the site so against natural medicine?  Another myth breaker story they had on the site was one about aphrodisiacs which blasted natural herbs as well.
In doing some research on the site I noticed it was owned by Imaginova.  I then did some research on who owned Imaginova and it turns out that I was right.  It is owned by a Republican we all see on CNN daily.  Roll the drums… Lou Dobbs.

Lou Dobbs is known for spreading propaganda on CNN and public appearances.  He is also making money off of it judging from this site and its wide coverage on sites such as and Yahoo News.  This is the same guy who used to be a life time republican but now hes “independent”.

This all just reminded me to check twice of the ownership of what you could be reading online especially if it says the word science, nutrition, or environment.  You may find that the agenda may not be in touch with the truth.  I am not saying LiveScience is putting a slant on things but I don’t trust Lou Dobbs very much and I do not trust the mainstream Neo-Conservative media.

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