Collapse of our economy?

So we should print more money to make the Bush Admin look better?  Is that what we should do?? This is pretty insane this entire mess that Bush got us into.  This naked short selling not being regulated.  His administration has done everything it can to bring this into a socialized nation and anyone who defends him or even believes his admin should have their brains checked out at the very least for insanity.

The companies involved need to fall including all banks and mortgage companies involved.  The people who got us in this mess need to be fined and have all their positions taken away.  We should not be bailing out the families and/or the companies that lied to get us into this mess…. You can bet there were many taking advantage of the system.  I agree with the President of France on the fact that people need to be brought to justice over this but how can they when we do not even bring Bush and his cronies to justice over Iraq and the rest of the nations problems.

How about this.  In times like this you MUST come to terms and some people need to pay for their mistakes.   CEO’s need to loose their jobs, companies deserve to go bankrupt, and some foreclosures were meant to be if they were unacceptable in the first place.   But… How about we accept the plan.  Even though they are using the same fear tactics as 9-11 and it all seems like a re-run of printing more American Dollars that are not even worth anything now because after all we are a board game right?

So here’s my compromise
Let’s accept the plan only if we get rid of Bush and Cheney and get Nancy Pelosi as President.  Congress and the House need to stand up to this Administration.  They need to quit being pigs waiting to be slaughtered and stand up for themselves and impeach these shady CEO’s of America.  Fire Paulson, Cox all of them. If were going to War War War and Print Print Print then lets do it the right way.

Other nations would stop laughing at the US and start taking us serious and maybe give us the loans that we need.  No more dumb and dumber running this country.

Someone left this on a blog I read often:

I am so tired of hearing everyone blaming the corporations and not the people who are in foreclosure.Think about it. These people were able to buy new homes at 100% financing. But they didn’t stop there, no, they went and bought brand new appliances, furniture, cars, all on credit,and the minute they got a tiny bit of equity built up, they refinanced their house to pay it all off. Which actually made sense at the time. But then they did it again, they used their house as a credit card. And once again, they were bailed out by refi’ing their house. And then,wait for it, they did it again! Except the 3rd and 4th time around they couldn’t be bailed out with a new mortgage. They already owed too much on their house. So they go late on their mortgage, credit cards, car payments etc, the interest rates get out of hand, they can’t catch up and now that’s our problem? I don’t think so. You rarely see someone in foreclosure that has equity and didn’t use their house as a credit card. EVERYONE needs to take responsibly for the state the country is in, especially the individual. So yeah, let’s not back the banks and see how fast we go into a depression. Good thinking general public.

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