Cheerleaders Gone Wild

It all seems like an episode of Mean Girls or Girls Gone Wild on the local level.  There are many reports that the cheerleaders in McKinney, Texas have gone wild and mean to other students.  One of the cheerleaders is the principals daughter.

You can only guess the news source that reported the Cheerleaders Gone Wild – Fox News – the reporter for mean girl America.  Greta Van Susteren interviewed Gretel Kolach who is Newsweek’s special correspondent to find out more on the cheerleaders but there are so many mistakes in the Fox news transcript that its hard to follow.  For one, the Fox news transcript keeps mistaking Gretel Kovach with Greta from On the Record.

The attorney for Linda Theret claims that the actions of the cheerleaders are not any different than any other little or big town and that these girls “who are a little out of hand and a little bit too big for their britches”.  Linda Theret is the principal of this McKinney highschool and the mother of one of the fab five cheerleaders.

McKinney high school students claim they have been terrorized and bullied by these “fab five” cheerleaders and I hope some action is taken by the school.  There are enough bullies in high school and all of them need to be punished or suspended.  Take them off the cheerleader team, football team, or whatever the school needs to do to punish bullies and prevent them from turning into an adult Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter.

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