Chase Freedom Card Misleads Consumers

Chase Manhattan once inherited the best credit cards from First USA and Bank One. They took in the good credit cards and temporarily made them better. The problem is that now corporate greed has made them confuse the consumers about what rewards they are really getting.

The biggest rip-off I have seen in the credit card industry has now come from my favorite credit card issuer. The new Chase Visa Freedom Card is so misleading to card holders that it deserves attention as a fraud.

What you think may be coming in your wallet may never actually come. If you shop at Whole Foods and you think it’s a grocery store well according to Chase it doesn’t count as one when it comes to rewards. That is just sickening and sad that Chase could be so greedy that it does not count Whole Foods as a grocery store. Does Whole Foods get its own text book category – should we just rewrite any definition of a business we have learned?

Of course, none of the rewards programs allows Wal-Mart to count as a grocery store even though they do have grocery stores. I assume their gas stations do not count as gas either. The computer your looking at may not even be a computer it could have counted as a printer according to these fools.

What about fast food? You would think that KFC, Papa John’s, and Popeye’s Chicken would count as fast food but according to a recent report it states that Chase does not count these for the 3 percent cash back on the Freedom Card. You mean to tell me that KFC is not fast food? I am now starting to wonder if the Bush Administration cronies are working over at Chase.

So now I think someone needs to get fired or impeached. This one takes the cake because we have learned that Sprint and Verizon do not count as telecoms. Maybe Chase is playing favoritism to AT&T trying to steal them from their longtime partner Citibank for a stab at the highly popular Universal Card.
The backlash has just now begun for Chase. The word will get out and as more people find out the more will switch to the other more “rewarding” programs.

Although, My faith in credit card rewards programs are at an all time low. Chase has let me down, Citibank has nothing left but the most useless “Thank You” points, and Bank of America wants you to play round with counting “Change”.

What’s left? You can weed through all the programs at Capital One and see if any of them make sense (if you have the time). And you can Discover if you like to only get back a fourth of a percentage point.

No, really. There are some good programs with most of these issuers but it takes a lot of looking through the fine print, calling customer service talking to people that have no clue what rewards you may or may not be getting, and checking out sites such as and to try to help. The only bad thing is the credit card companies try to regulate what these card review sites try to say in their copy points so you have to read the reviews and pay less attention to the copy points. They threaten to take them out of their card affiliate program if they do not use their exact bullet or copy points outside of the review.

Our request to the credit card companies: Tell us the truth about what programs get rewards or not. Tell us the before we apply for the card. We understand that card issuers make less on some purchase because of business partnerships with Sam’s Club or some discount chains. Why not tell us before so we can choose if we want your card and goto another better card that offers discounts on our frequent eating at KFC and shopping at Whole Foods. The consumer deserves to know beforehand and the credit card companies should all be ashamed in these types of tricky business practices.

Our Favorite credit card picks include lower gas mileage cards and along with others that help save the environment such as the Brighter Planet Visa or the GE Money Earth Rewards MasterCard.

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  1. I did some checking on this today because I was furious after reading in several places online of them not counting Whole Foods. The rep at first told me that they counted whole foods as a discounter then went to check the records. The records indicated that it did count as 3% if it did not go over the limit (low limit) for that month then it would drop down to 1%.

    Chase obviously has too many rules when it comes their Freedom Card. It certainly takes away FREEDOM to have so many rules!!

    Let’s hope America learns the meaning of Freedom someday. The real meaning.. that is without the wiretapping and overbearing rules to stab at the consumers of AT&T and Chase.

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