Should Cell Phones Be Outlawed While Driving?

Cell phones have always been around the center of controversy for some reason ever since they first came about.  I used to work in a kiosk for AT&T when the cell phone rage first started trickling into everyone’s hands.  Most consumers could not get cell phones (at least in our Wal-Mart kiosk) because of their bad credit.  Now it seems anyone can get a cell phone and it’s now the biggest consumer product that everyone “must have”.

At first there were news reports of cell phones causing cancer because everyone thought of it as a little nuke box sending and receiving signals but that turned out not as bad as we had imagined.  Now we worry about the issues of kids using cell phones, pre-teens text messaging, people driving with cell phones, and cell phone use on airplanes.  There are also issues of people who look like they are talking to themselves with the Bluetooth devices which are rather irritating.  Also not failing to mention people who are rude enough to leave their cell phones on in movie theaters and Broadway shows.

The biggest debate is about people using their cell phones while driving.  Should federal, state and local laws be passed for cell phones while driving? Should government step in and regulate cell phone use in places it is dangerous?

Most people can multi-task while driving so this type of law should not be passed.  The police officers or highway patrol can already write someone a ticket for reckless driving without these extra laws and regulation.  I feel people should use Bluetooth devices or wired headphones instead of holding a phone and driving but most good drivers can handle holding a phone for a short period of time.  We do not need another law to regulate what we can do and take another freedom away.

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