Bored with Debates

I cannot remember any day in my life that I have watched so many debates.  Everyday there seems to be a debate on MSNBC, CNN, or Fox News.  The republicans or democrats are arguing back and fourth with each other and its turned more into a sport than a presidential election.

I think the debates are good but it just seems like the countdown for the Superbowl or the NBA playoffs.  I guess we will really see some March Madness when it comes to the candidates this spring things will only get crazier.

I do not understand why Fox news does not like Ron Paul.  I guess he is not religious enough for them or as Neo-Conservative.  Then again I do not understand why MSNBC hates Hillary so much… or all the NBC Networks for that matter.

I just watched the Republican debate tonight and just heard the same ole crap.  Everyone saying how “conservative” they are and how “Ronald Reagan” they are.  I did learn that Ronald Reagan did raise taxes to “save social security” and that is when Romney had to say he would not do that Mr. Reagan accomplished.

You also heard the same old spill from Romney putting in his hate of Gay Marriage and the fact he’s such a hero for going up against same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.  Good for you big boy.  But what about the Islam extremists McCain keeps telling us about.  OMG we better get back to wiretapping and maybe put cameras inside everyone’s home the Islam’s are coming!

I really did not care for the Democratic debate either.  Obama and Hillary fighting and Edwards cashing in on it.  They need to dig deeper and see what they can do for the economy and how they can successfully get us out of Iraq.  And Gee, why not focus on the Republicans and quit falling into their trap of high taxes.  Quit saying you will rollback the tax breaks, Quit fighting and endless bickering.  Show us you are smart and can really make a difference and clean up the mess that the Bush Administration has left behind.

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