Can We Please Have Hillary Back?

Please dump Obama.  He is nothing but a poll following political scum just like the rest of them.  Obama is just as much a snake as McCain in my book.

For Obama to vote Yes on the FISA bill it makes me sick. Our girl Hillary voted NO and stood up for what she believed in and stood up for the Constitution of the United States of America.  Congress and Senate bowed down to the almighty President George Walker Bush and Hillary said NO.

The left is angry and we should be.  We will be regretting not putting Hillary Clinton in his seat.
The leader who had the courage and balls to stand up and say no was not the Democratic nominee for president.  Senator John McCain did not even vote on the issue so he could flip flop and turn it around against Obama come debate time.

All I have to say is that I am begging for Hillary to somehow replace Obama as the Democratic nominee for president.  Why did the Democratic party have to screw up once again.  I am proud to now be an independent and will not be donating any money towards these backstabbing politicans in the future until they prove they are not neo-cons.

2 thoughts on “Can We Please Have Hillary Back?”

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  2. Obama is not the candidate for change. He is controlled by big business/big money just like McCain.
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