Bush War Games

Iraq War making us pay $4.00 at the pump
Iraq War draining our social security funds
Iraq War making us pay double/triple for groceries from a few years ago
Iraq War draining funds we could have used for disasters
Iraq War putting U.S. trillions of dollars in debt, borrowing money from China and middle East buying up our country
Iraq War maiming thousands of men and women troops
Iraq War diminishing the military capabilities, making us un-safe
Iraq War KILLING our men and women….
Iraq War sucking the life from us
How dare that pasty faced McCain to suggest the dems want to Surrender.
It makes me sick to know there are still some people who support this ridiculous blunder of a war and still think it is honorable to be killed to support Bush/Chaney’s egos.

2 thoughts on “Bush War Games”

  1. Maybe you forgot 9/11 or the cole. Hitler and so many others that would allow us to even this. Do you go where you want? Do you work where you want? Do you marry who you want? Do you go to church if you want? I could go on with this question, but the answer will alway be yes.

    It is because of our men and women and the presidents that always give there all and stand against thowe who want the write to do and say what they want, but are not willing to put themselves on the line.

  2. Bill, No one has forgot 9/11. The question is why didn’t we go after the ones responsible?? Does the name Bin Laden ring a bell

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