Could a Triple Murder Case have stopped the Boston Tradegy?

I really wonder why this murder was not solved sooner or shall I say solved at all. It had something huge written all over it. The murder of three people who were mostly fighers/boxers and athletic young men sleighed then marijuana smothered all over their bodies with $5,000 in cash laying around. The media did some reporting on it but still no way to get someone arrested out of this? Where is the DNA testing that they do on murder scenes? I am not a watcher of CSI but I would think this has serial killer or mass murder written all over it and if this would have been solved sooner we may not have ever seen this tragedy in Boston from last week. The Bombing Suspects best friend had his throat slit in this mysterious murder in 2011 of Brendan Mess.

This sounds worse than the scene from the movie Party Monster but in that movie there were no drugs or money left they were most likely consumed. It really concerns me there could be a case like this unsolved and why it was not talked about more on the national level to bring whoever did this to justice.

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