Blacks hate gays?

Do black people hate gays?  It seems the Mormons and the black churches were big against the proposition 8 in the California vote this year.  It makes me wonder if these bigot black people were against gay people like that?

They had to have their cake and eat it to to discriminate against gay people’s rights but be for black rights with their vote for Obama.  They should be ashamed of themselves for voting against gays rights such as Ellen Degeneres who got married to someone she is in love with.  How dare these black congregations go up against gays who have lived years with hate against them.  How dare these black congregations let these lies win over the facts when it comes to gay rights.  These misleading commercials about gays wanting to teach kids about gay marriage is junk.

I was happy about Obama being elected but saddened when I heard that Sally Kerns in Oklahoma City got re-elected after calling gays terrorists.  Proposition 8 passed in California against gay rights and gay marriage and Florida voted against gay marriage.  Their are so many people who just have a hate for someones rights other than their own.  Even though they pay the same taxes as you DO.  Shouldnt someone who pays the same f-ing taxes have the same rights??

2 thoughts on “Blacks hate gays?”

  1. Nice blog! As for the Prop 8 issue, are you from California? I ask because you painted the entire black community with the same brush.

    Personally I agree with you that everyone should have the right to be happy and pay the same amount of taxes. 🙂

    However, I know lots of people who voted yes on 8 due to that fact it was being pushed on the children in schools. That my friend is wrong.

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