American Airlines Super 80 Madness

I was at the hair salon earlier today while I was talking to an employee of American Airlines when the news came on TV that they had canceled 1,000 flights. We talked about how the high paid Airline executives keep getting these outrageous paydays while the employees slave away and the passengers fly with their fingers crossed. American Airlines can cut costs by reducing staff severely to such levels that we have seen this problem get worse and worse. They have even reduced the number of flights, reduced the amenities abroad, and made us fly on old airplanes that are outdated such as the Frankenstein Super 80’s.

Yes, these MD-80’s are the Frankensteins of the sky. These old aircraft will never see the day of Wifi and do not even offer in-flight video or radio. Lord forbid them offer XM or Sirius radio onboard. That just aint’ gonna happen.

Even the first class passengers of the Super 80’s get no TV’s or radios to listen to. I feel like I am riding on some aircraft from a third world country and now that I hear that the wires are all tangled up and ready to short out and cause an explosion that even makes American less attractive to fly.

Continental had a bright idea several years ago to do something like UM… buy new airplanes. Buying new airplanes not only saves the airlines on gas costs but it is an investment in your business future. How could the nations biggest airline not be investing in its future? Because its putting too much money into executives that aren’t doing anything for the company. Spending too much time battling Southwest Airlines and Love Field? Something has to explain how American is such a disappointment.

I live near DFW so I am monopolized by American Airlines so I do care about their future. I certainly do not have the choice to fly on relaxing airline such as Virgin America.

Maybe Exxon will use all that money they are not investing in alternative oil and buy American Airlines. All that cash sitting in Exxon’s bank. Isn’t American their biggest customer with the gas guzzling Super 80’s anyway?

I am sure American will pick up from this and return to it’s normal self again.

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