Airline Industry Needs Improvement

I am normally not anti-business as you can see in most of my posts (which is contrary to your impression of liberal or democratic thinkers). I think business is what keeps America running and its great to have private enterprise going strong. On the other hand, I feel the Airlines like American Airlines the nations largest airline have too much control and treat their customers like dirt. The airlines treatment of customers always comes out worst during the holiday season. They are understaffed and so tight on costs that everyone looses out even the people flying in first class part of the time.

I feel that the Airlines get so many tax credits, so many free rides, and so much free reign that they are basically like entering their country when you step on board. I used to own American Airlines stock until this incident but it is now sold because I am no longer a supporter of American and the way they treat their passengers (including coach, business, and first class). American Airlines does give away a great deal to gay rights campaigns which I felt was great for an Airline and gave them points for that. American scores great with gay rights but not peoples rights of how they are treated inside a crammed packed plane.

BELOW is from one of the passengers on the horrific flight from San Francisco/Oakland to DFW that you can read here:

I will not be entering the airport any time soon and do not recommend anybody spend the night in the terminal like we did but we were among thousands of other people stuck in the same situation. I am just glad the airline part is over because now when I see pictures of people stuck in airports on the news and USA Today – I will first hand know their misery.

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