A Vote for Democrats and Libertarians

Here is how I voted in early voting today in Collin County.  This is in the Dallas, TX area. They ran out of “I Voted Today” stickers so I did not get to show off to anyone that I helped shape this election.

This is the year of the Democrats even in Texas.  Four years ago you would never see any Democrat signs in my neighborhood and this year you see more Obama/Biden signs in the yards than you see McCain/Palin.  I should have ran for some of these Republican seats though because there are still many District Judge’s and even the Constable were Republican with no one running against them.  WHY is no one running against these people??

This is the year to turn some heads in politics.  See some new faces and get some new ideas in local and national government.  We need to see change in the national government back towards the Constitution with regards to things like privacy and change away from the Bush Administration.

The local governments need change too.  Years and years of Republican rule in Texas is too long they need to turn some heads now and then.  My property taxes are outrageous and the repubs certainly have done nothing to make them lower in Collin County.  I think all my property tax money goes to pay for damn traffic ticket cameras instead of things we need.  I also think if you do not have kids going to school you should damn well not be paying as much in taxes.

Election day tip:  Do not vote straight party because in some cases if you are wanting to vote against Republicans.  In some cases I noticed there are Libertarians or other parties running instead of Democrats.  So there would be a Libertarian running against a Republican.  If you choose the straight party voting then you would help the Republican agenda and they would win for that Judge or seat that was up for grabs.

“Straight voting” is a Trick that you should not fall for!
What is a  Libertarian?  They are for smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom.  More civil rights!! They are not liberal though but are progressive in ways.  Libertarians want citizens to have more sexual freedoms, freedom of speech, more freedom in spending without all the hassles of high taxes.  I like everything they stand for the but gun limits they want to reduce.  But you have to think that criminals who want guns will get them no matter what in the black market so gun control really doesn’t work too much.
Here is how I voted this election:


Barack Obama/Joe Biden DEM

United States Senator

Richard J. Rick Noriega DEM

US Rep District 3

Tom Daley DEM (Some people may think that says Tom Delay–OUCH!)

Railroad Commissioner

Mark Thompson DEM

Chief Justice Supreme Court

Jim Jordan DEM

Justice Supreme Court Place 7

Sam Houston DEM (That’s a great name to have)

Justice Supreme Court Place 8

Linda Reyna Yanez DEM

Judge Court of Criminal Appeals Place 3

Susan Strawn DEM

Judge Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4

J.R. Molina DEM

State Representative District 67

Jeffrey Joyner LIB (there was no DEM running and I am grateful to vote LIB)

County Tax Assessor

Randy Kohn LIB

Most everything else was District Judges which were Republicans and no one running against them.  Why even bother to put them on the ballot unless they are trying to brag.

I hope the election results on November 4th will reflect the way I voted.  I will be tuning in to see election coverage all day November 4th on MSNBC and NBC.

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