18 to Die for Country but 21 to Drink

Why is it that you can fight for the country and die at 18 years of age but when it comes to drinking you have to wait until you are 21?  Fort Bliss, TX which was one of the only army bases left ruled that you cannot drink if you are under 21.  They will not even allow passes over the Mexican border to Ciudad Juarez since it is 18 to drink in Mexico.

It makes no sense to me that most of the liquor laws across the country are so strict.  Soldiers should damn well be able to drink if they are allowed to go fight for our country and die for our country.  If they are not “developed” enough to make decisions such as drinking then they should not be carrying around guns in other countries.  The mentality for the 21 drinking age is wrong and should be changed to 18 if we are going to allow 18 yr olds to fight in wars.

One of the reasons the Texas Army base made the drinking age 21 was because we are not in peacetime anymore.  This is all the more reason they should be able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage.

Reward them with a well-deserved beer instead of taking away their privileges they should enjoy!

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