How to Determine Fake News Sites: List of False, Misleading, Clickbait, & Satirical “News” Sources

Back in the days when journalism was rewarded and people read newspapers for unbiased papers they had this thing called editorials. Editorials are opinions. Most publications do not seem to tell readers anymore when it’s actual news or an opinion. The problem got worse after Fox News debuted because it was basically an opinion or editorial network. They would tell what they considered the “news” but in their biased way of doing so. The problem got worse in the last election when the internet has been flooded with many propaganda, misleading, and extremist sites that were not based on references or fact. Sites and blogs that had no respect for real journalism.

An assistant professor of communication and media put together a resource that started as a tool for teaching her students about journalism, social media, and media literacy. This is a great source for putting together which sites to check on before clicking or reading an article that you may see almost hourly in your newsfeed. Some of the highly popular sites listed on here are, Breitbart, and USUncut. Breitbart was one of the highest ranked sites in the trending section of Facebook during the election which posted what were in disguise as journalism but were really conspiracy or misleading claims. Here is a short summary of some of the most popular Facebook linked sites that are what we call Fake News:
1. Absolutely fake. The .co should alert people it is not real. We normally only trust .com sites as our #1 Rule for U.S. News.
2. unreliable – Anonymous posted many unreliable sourced stories during the election.
3. – rumors.
4. – bias, unreliable.
5. – bias, conspiracy.
6. – political, clickbait.
7. – bias, clickbait.
8. – clickbait, bias. One of the top Bernie bro and Green Party cited sites but not real journalism. They were also sold.
9. – clickbait, bias
10. – state-ran. Russia runs this propaganda channel.
11. – conspiracy site.

They also listed a few sites that were factual such as Which was listed as political but credible. One site that the document failed to mention was which should be listed as a hate site. You can see the full list below. Continue reading How to Determine Fake News Sites: List of False, Misleading, Clickbait, & Satirical “News” Sources

Which States Are Voting On Marijuana Reform In November 2016?

medicalpotballotEarly voting in this election is just days away with some states voting on marijuana reform. Whether states are voting on marijuana reform, medical or recreational, any success in these states would be a win for ending marijuana prohibition and the failed drug war.

Which states are voting on marijuana legalization?

California has a long history of voting on marijuana reform. The latest measure, Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), legalizes:
the possession of 1 ounce of marijuana flower, or up to 8 grams of cannabis concentrates for those 21 years and older,
the cultivation of up to 6 plants, in addition to hemp production,
a taxed and regulated system for a recreational marijuana industry.
California’s recreational marijuana law is intricate. It outlines marketing restrictions to minors, allows local tax rates and limitations on commercial marijuana operators to be in the hands of local counties and municipalities, and several other stipulations.
The measure is backed by Let’s Get it Right CA, Governor Gavin Newsom, the ACLU, NAACP, Drug Policy Alliance, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, NORML and Marijuana Policy Project.

Nevada votes on recreational marijuana legalization in November. The stated passed medical marijuana in 2000. For residents 21 years and older, the initiative would legalize: possession of 1 ounce of marijuana,
a taxed and regulated recreational cannabis industry with tax revenue supporting K-12 education,
and includes a clause that allows anyone who does not live within 25 miles of a marijuana store to grow up to 6 marijuana plants.
Continue reading Which States Are Voting On Marijuana Reform In November 2016?

Keith Olbermann is Back to Say What the Media Will Not!

It seems the media has been on Donald J. Trump’s side from the beginning. They have let him get away with everything but murder. He’s been accused of a long list of things that the media hides from us on a daily basis and never confront him because they are too busy worried about Hillary’s health or her emails. It’s finally time that a hero to the left stands up and screams out for some common sense and morality in this election.

Keith Olbermann has made a video for GQ magazine online with a headline of 176 Reasons Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be President. In the debut episode of his new series, “The Closer with Keith Olbermann,” GQ’s Keith Olbermann tallies the most outrageous of Donald Trump’s offenses in what is now his 15-month assault on American democracy.

Watch the video and let us know in the comments which one of these 176 reasons the media should speak of the most instead of ignore.

Texas couple’s dog killed over Hillary Clinton yard sign

Trump supporter kills dogIf you thought the 2008 election was bad with a black man running for the White House then the thought of four more years of his legacy and a woman as President have really got the Trump supporters fired up. In Richardson, Texas a couple are mourning the loss of their dog who was allegedly poisoned to death after having ingested a deadly neurotoxin.

The death of Matt and Beth Steadman’s two-year-old shepherd mix, named Abby, has been part of a series of attacks in their community to the couple because of a political sign in their front yard supporting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

hillary supporter“Hillary Clinton, I’m with her,” Steadman stated, but three signs endorsing the candidate have already been stolen. Many remember this happening back when Obama / Biden were running a tight race with many signs stolen but not all of the violent threats we are seeing now.

A note was left for the Steadmans stating “Hillary for Prison 2016” then the following day, the family’s vehicle was vandalized when someone poured bleach into the gas tank. Then came the worst of all the harassment when their dog Abby started shaking on Sunday. The couple rushed her to the vet, but on Tuesday their devoted little canine pal died; their veterinarian stating the dog had been poisoned.

No one knows for sure if their support for Clinton caused the vandalism of their new car or Abby’s death. No investigation is underway by police even though a report is on file. The couple will continue to support the candidate of their choice – isn’t that what America is all about? They hope someone comes forward and tells them who killed their dog and why. It’s not like Abby could even vote.

Rest in peace Abby.

Orlando Nightclub Shooting False flag?

Cody Agnew false flag fake orlando hoax shootingMost of the conspiracy theories have been put to rest by the likes of and the Orlando Police. The OPD claim mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, which left at least fifty people dead and scores more injured, was carried out by a single shooter identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen. The Orlando Police Department confirmed that Mateen was killed during the incident, and that he was the lone gunman. With any tragedy you will have conspiracy theories running rampant such as the 9-11 false flag documentary and the Sandy Hook elementary school hoax groups. These people claim that the victims are all actors and it was a FBI or CIA operation for Obama to come and get your guns. While others claim that there were more shooters in the building at Pulse nightclub in Orlando and that there are two more terrorists on the loose as a start to hundreds of hoax stories.

The Survivor Who Trapped Others Inside
Luis Burbano admitted to trapping other revelers inside Pulse nightclub during the deadly shooting Saturday night thinking he was doing the right thing. Burbano exited the club via an ’employee’s only’ door that led to a hallway to an exit. On the other side of the door, he found himself crammed in with about 20 other people all struggling to move and make it to the exit so he said he shut the door behind him for a few seconds to give everyone more room
Another witness says Burbano actually shut the second door, trapping dozens of people inside the hallway when Omar Mateen was still shooting. ‘This guy is trying to prevent us from leaving. Maybe they’re working together,’ Gonzalez said. In another interview, Burbano spoke about his escape and talked about his survivor’s guilt.
Thoughts: We are not sure what he was thinking at the time it is hard to be inside someone’s head but he seemed genuine in the interview and it does seem that he is telling the truth. Some people just do dumb things because there is not much time to think. Continue reading Orlando Nightclub Shooting False flag?